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    Advantages Of Vinyl Flooring

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    When it comes to flooring, most of the people choose their flooring based on their lifestyle as well as budget. Everyone would like to have amazing hardwood floors throughout their house if they did not have to worry about the initial budget as well as the subsequent maintenance. However, people need to be practical and therefore, prefer to use user friendly materials for flooring.

    vinyl flooring company in Jacksonville, FLThis is one of the reasons, homeowners prefer vinyl flooring in heavy traffic areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. It is durable, easy to maintain and resistant to water. Another advantage of vinyl flooring is that it does not dent, fade or stain.

    It is available in many different colors, textures and patterns. You will easily find a finish and style that will appeal to you. Some of the common patterns available in vinyl flooring are marble, tile, stone as well as wood grain. It is also available in many different forms such as tiles, sheets or planks. Whether you want to have a floor prickly or want to create a specific pattern to show your artistic side, there is a size available for you.

    People also prefer vinyl flooring over laminate as it has kind of springiness to it. It means that you are not going to feel too much pressure on your feet while walking on vinyl flooring. This property also means that you can easily install this on uneven floors without any backing material.

    Sheet Vinyl

    Large rolls of these sheets are usually available in the width of 6 or 12 inches. The large size of these sheets makes it easy to cover big sized rooms. It is available in two types; rotogravure and inlaid. The rotogravure sheets are cheaper than the inlaid ones but they lack durability.

    In terms of design, the pattern of design goes through the material completely in inlaid sheets whereas in rotogravure sheets, the design is printed on a foam base and a wear layer covers the foam base.

    Tile Vinyl

    These tiles come with adhesive backs and are usually sold in the shape of squares with 12 inch sides. Due to its small size, it is preferred in odd shaped rooms and rooms of smaller sizes. It is important for you to buy all of the vinyl tiles from a single dye lot to ensure that you have similar color patterns.