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    Engineered Hardwood Flooring

    Jacksonville Wood Flooring

    Wooden floors always add beauty to any room in a house. Besides the aesthetic value, these floors are also eco-friendly and cheap to install. Even better, there are numerous types which match with all the preferences of different customers. Another reason why they are quite popular is because they are easy to maintain. Therefore, if you’re planning to resale your house, installing wooden floors could considerably increase the resale value. Currently, wooden floors are installed in custom and unique designs that include hand-distressing, stained, exotic, borders and many more.

    Jacksonville Wood FlooringEngineered wooden floors basically consist of layers and layers of wood pressed or glued together. Using a cross-grain configuration process, each layer is stacked on another and attached using heat or pressure to stay firm. The thickness for engineered wooden floors depends highly on the customer’s preference but may include 3 or 5 ply. This flooring option is mostly suitable for areas such as kitchens, utility rooms, basements etc. This is because they can sustain the changes in humidity or temperature perfectly compared to other flooring options in the market. If you’re planning on installing engineered wooden floors, there is no need to remove the previous ones. One advantage of this flooring option is the fact that it can be installed on top of other floors.

    Engineered wooden floors are available in both finished and pre-finished designs. The latter is very easy to install which is the reason why it’s quite popular. The sanding and finishing tasks are completed in the manufacturer’s shop. Before purchasing pre-finished designs, you should consider aspects such as the thickness or the quality of the finish for the best results. Other categories of engineered wooden floors styles include the following:

    • Parquet – This refers to arranging flooring patterns in geometrical designs.
    • Plank Hardwood Flooring – Here, the flooring designs use wider or linear planks of wood
    • Strip – In this case, the flooring designs might be linear but not very wide.

    Besides these styles, these floors can also stripped (tongue and groove). Here, the flooring panels are longer during installation. The boards are also glued together rather than to the substrate like in the previous styles. However, the overall beauty of these floors is determined mostly by the veneer. However, the size of the veneer can differ accordingly. You can also re-coat or abrade the floors depending on your tastes or preferences. There are flat-cut and rotary-cut veneers with the former being more appealing than the latter. Flat-cut veneers are very expensive and quite rare, that’s why most people settle for rotary-cut veneers.You can choose the specific type of engineered wooden floor from various types or finishes in the market. These floors look exactly like hardwood floors but are easier to maintain and provide the best traditional wooden look that everyone craves for.

    If you’re looking to install new floors or repair your current flooring choice, engineered wood floors are definitely the best choice for any situation. There are many things to consider before choosing the right flooring option but with the engineered wooden floors you definitely can’t go wrong. With the appearance and feel of the natural hardwood floors there is nothing better in the market. With this information, you’ll be able to choose the best engineered wooden floors for your property. They are perfect for both residential and commercial property, that’s why engineered wooden floors have become quite popular over the past few years.