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    Advantages Of Bamboo Flooring

    Bamboo Flooring Contractor in Jacksonville, FL

    Who does not want to have a different looking house? Who does not want their house to stand out among the neighbors? There are many things that you can use to make your house stand out. Among all other things, a different flooring material, which is not just durable but is also natural, is one of the best options to make your house look and feel different. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly, bamboo flooring is also one of the favorites of interior designers these days.

    Bamboo Flooring Contractor in Jacksonville, FLAdvantages of Bamboo Flooring

    There are many advantages of using bamboo flooring in your house. In the article below, we will discuss various properties, aesthetic values as well as environmental benefits of Bamboo flooring.

    Bamboo Properties

    Everyone wants to have a durable and long lasting floor. Nobody wants to replace their floor in just a few years. One of the biggest advantages of Bamboo is that it is a very strong material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. In fact, it is harder than most of the available hardwoods. In terms of strength rating, Red oak has half the strength rating of bamboo and Maple also scores lower than Bamboo.

    It can withstand a lot of weight without any problems. Another advantage of Bamboo flooring is that it does not absorb water. It is naturally resistant to moisture due to the environment in which it is grown. In addition to the natural resistance to moisture, bamboo flooring is also laminated that makes it even more resistant to gapping and warping.

    Due to its excellent property to resist moisture absorption, interior designers recommend Bamboo flooring for use in bathrooms and kitchen where use of laminate flooring and hardwood flooring is not advisable.

    Bamboo Flooring Aesthetic Value

    Many people are not aware of the fact that Bamboo is grass and not wood. Most of the people think of bamboo as wood but it is a grass plant. It also behaves and looks as such. Bamboo flooring comes in light shades with some dark bands from the bamboo plant. Also, all of the floorboards made of bamboo have a uniform color and have tightly packed grains which means that color matching is not going to be a problem in Bamboo flooring.

    One of the other common myths prevalent with regards to Bamboo flooring is that since it is light in color, it is not suitable for interior use where dark colored flooring is needed. It is true that Bamboo flooring is light in color but it can be easily darkened with the help of carbonization process. In this process, steam and pressure is used to turn the light color of the bamboo into a darker color.

    The resultant color is honey brown. In fact, with technological advancements, it is now possible to stain bamboo in a lot of different colors. You will be surprised to know that you can easily find over 30 different styles and colors of Bamboo flooring these days. Overall, you will find a style and color that matches with the decor of your house.

    Bamboo Environmental Benefits

    Today everyone wants to play their part in keeping the planet clean and what better way to be environmentally conscious than to have Bamboo flooring in your house. It is completely renewable as it is a grass plant. It simply grows back; ready to be cut again, once it is harvested. On the other hand, hardwood floors are made from trees such as pine tree, which do not grow back and are gone forever.

    Also, bamboo grows very quickly and it reaches a height of 50 feet in just five years. On the other hand, tress that are used for hardwood flooring usually need 30 years to reach maturity whereas some trees take almost two centuries to mature. Also, it’s not possible to reuse a hardwood floor.

    Bamboo flooring also requires much less maintenance as it cannot be scratched or dented easily, especially when compared to the traditional hardwood flooring. It also means that you will ultimately require fewer chemicals for cleaning and repairing Bamboo flooring. In other words, it is more environmentally friendly.

    It also makes an excellent choice if you live in a humid environment. Bamboo flooring is also treated to make it insect and mildew resistant which means that you can also use it without too much concerns in an area with termites. Also, harsh chemicals are not used to make Bamboo flooring insect resistant.

    Due to the increasing popularity of Bamboo flooring, developers are also increasingly using bamboo flooring in their projects due to its environmentally friendly nature.

    Bamboo flooring offers the durability and strength of the traditional hardwoods and benefits offered by laminate flooring. If you are currently looking for a flooring material, you should definitely look into the benefits of Bamboo flooring.