Before you install new floors in your home, the best thing you can do is check with a flooring contractor. Why? Because he or she will be able to help you select the most durable flooring materials that will also enhance the appearance of your home. When colors and materials are not properly coordinated, even very expensive materials can look unattractive. A flooring contractor will ensure the materials and design of your new floors will gain you the most compliments from your family and friends.

Flooring in Jacksonville, FLThere is a very wide range of options when it comes to available flooring materials today. In fact, just looking at all of them may make you dizzy! What this means, however, is that there is a perfect floor out there for your home or office. What would you like? Wood floors or laminates? Stone or slate? Ceramic tiles? How about marble? If yours is a household with children, it is even more important that you choose the right materials!

Of course many materials have sub-categories. For instance, if you want a wood floor, do you want it to be oak, maple, bamboo, teak, or some other type of wood? If you want marble floors do you want a rough or polished finish? Do you want a light stone or a dark?

Obviously budget comes into play here, but individual taste is also very important. Let’s take a moment to look at some of the various materials you can use along with some of the advantages of each.

Wood Floors

Today millions of families choose wood because of its stylishness and time tested beauty. With proper care wood floors can last for decades. Wood comes a number of different shades — from blonde to dark walnut. You can also use wide or narrow planks. When considering all the choices, wood floors provide a wide assortment of options.

Parquet Floors

Parquet gives a floor a sense of style and elegance. You can get parquet in different colors and patterns. Parquet may be used throughout a room or just as a border. With the different types of wood and the wide variety of stains and patterns, parquet floors are almost endless in their variety.


Laminate floors are a great substitute for wood. Laminate comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. The way laminates are constructed makes them more durable than wood and able to withstand moisture much better. Laminate is an excellent flooring choice for both kitchens and bathrooms.


You may think of the ’70s and ’80s when you think of linoleum. This durable product, however, is making a big comeback. Linoleum, which is made from cork, natural resins, stone and linseed oil, comes in a wide assortment of colors and patterns and extremely durable.

You can get linoleum that is designed to look identical to just about every other type of flooring material And while sunlight fades many flooring materials, it actually enriches the colors in linoleum. If you are looking for a floor material that wears well, will last forever, and is easy to take care of, linoleum is a good choice.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile is a great flooring material for kitchens, bathrooms and family rooms. It is relatively inexpensive, simple to install, and, like linoleum, comes in a wide assortment of colors and patterns. Vinyl tile is easy to maintain and is very durable.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is no longer just found in bathrooms. Today ceramic tile comes in a vast assortment of rich colors and patterns that can be very difficult to duplicate in other materials. Yes, it is an excellent choice for a bathroom — but also works well in kitchens, patios and around the pool.

Slate Tile

Slate is a stone tile that provides many advantages over other types of stone. It has a smooth surface that will maintain a glossy appearance even when it is walked upon. You can find slate in an assortment of colors that wear well and provide a great, natural look.

Stone Floors

Marble, travertine and limestone floors are growing in popularity. Marble, of course, is often found in public buildings, especially in large lobbies. Why? Because it is both extremely beautiful and durable. Stone floors may be a bit pricey, but in elegant homes they add natural beauty and grace.

Well, there you have some ideas for the new floors you want to put in your home! What is it going to be? Before deciding, check with a licensed flooring contractor for advice. These are skilled professionals and your best resource for ensuring the best flooring choices for your home, office, or commercial space.