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    About Soapstone Countertops

    Soapstone Countertops in Jacksonville, FL

    Whether you’re looking at things from a financial, environmental, or aesthetic point of view, there is no denying that soapstone countertops offer interior designers a huge value. If you are someone who has been contemplating replacing your bathroom or kitchen countertops, then you would be hard-pressed to not look at soapstone countertops as a possible solution. With a smooth feel, contemporary styling, and a sleek design, it’s no wonder that it has been vaulted to the top of kitchen design material popularity.

    Soapstone Countertops in Jacksonville, FLWhat Are Soapstone Countertops?

    An all natural stone, soapstone can be found in quite a few places around the world. Just like you would find granite and marble, you can find this metamorphic stone in quarries. It gets the name soapstone because talc, a major element found within the soapstone, is a soft mineral that feels like soap.

    Because of the high talc content, soapstone is very soft and has a beautiful, almost soapy feel to it. Like talcum powder. Within the quarry, soapstone slabs are shaped and then delivered to merchants all around the world. Every piece has its own vein structure, and thus makes it extremely unique. These unique veins will change color or the course of their lives. This means that every soapstone countertop you encounter will be extremely different years down the line, even if they came from the same source.

    Soapstone is magnificently stain resistant. This makes it an attractive feature for countertops, especially if your countertop is to be used in a heavy traffic area such as in the kitchen or bathroom. The natural acids that are found in citrus juices and wines are known to harm other types of surfaces, yet soapstone remains impervious to such substances. You can use any common household cleaners to wipe away messes and always find your countertop clean and sparkling again.

    Soapstone is very dense but also soft to the touch. Remember that ground soapstone is just another name for talcum powder. Your fingernail alone is enough to scratch the surface of soapstone. To a lot of people this becomes a problem, but fixing the scratches is as simple as getting fine sandpaper or steel wool to rub it out.

    What Is The Point Of A Soapstone Countertop?

    There are many excellent reasons to use soapstone when renovating your kitchen or bathroom. First, they are very cost-effective in kitchen design solutions. They are also environmentally friendly while remaining wholly unique and being easy to maintain.

    Another great quality to soapstone that makes it great for countertops is the fact that they cannot burn. The talcum and magnesium within it makes soapstone a natural flame retardant. Whether by accident or design, if your countertop comes into contact with something very hot it will not be harmed.

    Its upkeep is another thing that makes soapstone countertops so remarkable and attractive. In fact, there is very little upkeep, aside from merely applying some mineral oil once in a while with a rag. You can even reuse the same rag by sealing it in a Ziploc plastic bag and reusing it when necessary. This will maintain the luster and beauty of your soapstone countertops indefinitely. When you oil your soapstone countertops, you will create a darkening over time that will start as dark gray and eventually turn into a rich black color. It’s even possible to have deep green markings within the countertop that arise in the natural occurring shadings of the stone.

    There is also a natural beauty to soapstone itself that attracts many people to having it as a countertop. You’ll be surprised at the amount of colors, types, and treatments that are available for soapstone countertops. You won’t have any problems finding a style that will fit in with your decor. With versatility, durability, a unique beauty, and ease of care, soapstone countertops are one of the most economical and overall best ways to update your kitchen. Check out your options today!