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    What Kinds Of Countertops Should I Select For My Kitchen?

    Kitchen Countertops in Jacksonville FL

    When it comes to kitchen countertops, there are so many different kinds to choose from. There is an endless variety of textures and color choices that are available. When you are trying to decide, consider factors like your budget, expectations for maintenance and durability and of course how you are planning to use your countertop.

    Kitchen Countertops in Jacksonville FLWhat factors determine how much a countertop will cost?

    Type of material, quality, how difficult they are to install, edge treatment design and material, backsplash design and material.

    How long are my countertops expected to last?

    How long the countertop material will last varies depending on several different factors. Some surfaces like laminate may scratch, while other surfaces like granite need to be resealed on a periodic basis. Heat can damage many surfaces.

    Why select Laminate?

    Laminate requires little maintenance, is easy to clean and is inexpensive. There is a huge variety of laminate designs and colors that are available.

    Why select Solid Surface?

    This type of countertop has a uniform and clean appearance. The surface is quite durable and scratches can usually be sanded out. You can also custom fit a solid surface into a uniquely shaped countertop.

    Why select Engineered Stone?

    In recent years, this type of countertop has become very popular due to its very low maintenance needs, variety of choices and strength. These surfaces do not need to be sealed, are resistant to heat damage and stains and are very durable.

    Why select Granite?

    This is a gorgeous stone that have a very unique feel and look. There are almost 200 variations of granite that are available. The countertops are heat resistant and durable.

    Why select Marble?

    This elegant natural stone has a soft and warm appearance. It has very unique veining patterns and is perfect for low-traffic countertops.

    Why select Soapstone?

    It has a unique feel to it and is available in deep and rich colors. This type of countertop is naturally heat resistance and requires very little maintenance.

    Why select Concrete?

    This type of countertop is uniquely textured, scratch and heat resistant and strong. They can be worked into many different shapes, which makes them perfect for countertops with an unusual shape.

    How can my personal touches be added to my countertops?

    There are several different countertop options that can be decorated and designed according to your personal style. You can set shells, tiles and other items into concrete surfaces. Nontraditional shapes can be formed out of solid surfaces. There is an endless variety of different colors of laminate. Natural stone, like marble and granite are unique because each piece is different.

    Which types of countertops require the least maintenance?

    Currently, it is engineered stone. These surfaces don’t need to be sealed or resealed, are heat resistant, resistant to acid damage and stains and are very durable. Engineered stone is mostly made of quartz, which only trails sapphire, topaz and diamond in terms of hardest material.

    What if I like a countertop material that is too expensive for me to afford?

    Fortunately, there are a number of options to help you solve this problem. There are some less expensive surface materials that imitate some of the more expensive materials like marble and granite. Laminate, for example, can resemble granite. There are also less expensive types of natural stone surfaces that are softer materials or less thick.