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    Guide to Marble Countertops

    Marble Countertops in Jacksonville

    There aren’t too many things you can do to jazz up your business, bathroom or kitchen better than installing natural stone countertops. Any room can be enlivened by having a custom fabrication made of natural stone. It really provides a great sense of luxury. Selecting the right natural stone is the most important part of the entire process. Marble is one of the more popular choices of stone, due to its beautiful appearance and luster. The beauty and elegance of marble provides any business or home with quality.

    Marble Countertops in JacksonvilleMarble is mainly used in tile stone, fireplace surrounds and bathroom vanities. It provides an environment with a graceful, pure and clean look and is resistant to high heat. However, despite all of the benefits, there are a couple of drawbacks to installing marble countertops. For some applications, this stone works really well. However, for other installations is might not work as well.

    Granite is much more durable than marble. That’s why it’s preferred for fabrication. Granite is much less likely to chip or break compared to marble. Also, the normal kitchen accidents- spilled drinks, dropped glasses, etc.- are more likely to effect the aesthetics of marble than granite countertops. Slate countertops are much less prone to staining than alabaster ones.

    However, they could be beneficial for some. There are people who like their countertops and other fixtures to have a bit of wear and tear to them, kind of like worn pieces of clothing. Other people claim that marble is much like fine wine, it improves with age, stating that patina adds a specific kind of elegance to a fixture.

    Marble is also waterproof. Alabaster doesn’t suffer any significant setbacks from water damage, unlike many other stones. However, you should have marble sealed by a professional. This can help to prevent damage that may reduce the life span of a counter. However, you may have to have it resealed periodically depending on what the manufacturer indicates.

    For countertops that are frequently used, marble is probably not the best choice. However, marble does offer a very sophisticated look. If you are not sure if marble is strong enough, the safest places to use it is for a baking center inset or on an island.

    Marble tabletops and countertops can be stained very easily by acidic foods such as wine, coffee, tomato sauce and fruit. Blot spills up right away, but don’t wipe them. Use hot wild and mild soap to clean. Don’t set a hot pan onto marble directly. Put down a pad or place mat between anything that might potentially scratch and the marble, such as utensils or a pan.

    Use a coaster when placing a glass on marble, particularly ones that contain acid compounds in them such as coffee, wine or fruit juices.

    Avoid using acidic or hard cleaners on a marble countertop such as vinegar. It is a very sensitive stone. However, if properly cared for, a marble surface can last forever.

    The main reason why so many people choose marble is due to its beauty. It is available in many different colors, with the most popular being white with a creamy hue. However, because it is so beautiful, marble is among the most expensive stones that are fabricated.

    Whatever stone you decide to use, it will certainly give your work space or kitchen a nice aesthetic lift. One of the best ways to get people to notice your business or home is to have a natural stone fabrication installed.