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    The Importance Of Laminate Countertops

    Laminate Countertops in Jacksonville

    Laminate countertops are some of the most popular kitchen countertops on the market today. The countertop is one of the first things that people see as soon as they enter your kitchen. So, you want them to be quite beautiful as well as easy-to-use for cooking and food preparation purposes. There are many manufacturers producing laminate countertops these days because they are affordable, reliable and come in a variety of colors and styles.

    Laminate Countertops in Jacksonville There are three important things to consider when selecting the right countertop for your kitchen. Your budget is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a countertop. Once you have an idea about the budget, look for a durable countertop that is easy to maintain. If you have a limited budget, the best thing is to consider purchasing a laminate countertop. Even though laminate countertops are cheaper than most of the other countertops, they aren’t low quality. In fact, they are pretty durable and don’t scratch easily. One important benefit is they don’t require much maintenance compared to most of the other countertops.

    A laminate countertop can last for more than 25-years if well cared for. Most of the contemporary manufacturers offer a 40-year guarantee on their laminate countertops. Laminate is easy to clean. Most spills can be taken off with a damp cloth and mild soap. A more stubborn stain can be taken off with a paste made from baking soda and a mild household detergent.

    Laminate countertops are usually vulnerable to dings, dents, chips and similar damages on the front edge. If a falling pot or pan hit the edge of the laminate countertop, the countertop may get damaged quite easily. This should not discourage you as there are new methods to repair and resurface damaged laminate countertops that don’t cost much like in the past. A professional can handle repair work within a couple of hours the most.

    Heat damage is another disadvantage of laminate countertops. A boiling hot pot placed on a laminate countertop can make a black mark or cause the laminate to bubble up. But you should not place hot pots on countertops anyway, even if they are made of quartz, granite or other materials. One thing you can do to overcome this disadvantage is to set a few tiles or heat-resistant materials on the laminate countertop, especially close to the oven or stove. It is best to choose a matte finish to camouflage scuffs and scratches.

    Laminate countertops are quite resistant to most water damage situations. Water can get through only at the seams. Hence, it is best to design the laminate countertop so that the seams are placed away from the sink or other areas where water can accumulate unnoticed.

    Laminate countertops come in many colors and patterns. They can emulate the look of marble, metal, wood or granite. The latest laminate countertops can easily pass for granite or wood if not looked at closely. You can definitely choose a laminate countertop to go with your kitchen flooring, cabinets and other decor.

    A laminate countertop is well worth every penny you spend on it. Choose a laminate countertop for your next kitchen remodeling project. Laminate offers a lot of flexibility, and it can go with almost anything in your kitchen. You will not have to spend a lot of time maintaining a laminate countertop. It is easy on your pocket too. This is why you need to choose a laminate countertop for your kitchen.