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    Why Choose Granite For Your New Kitchen Countertops?

    Jacksonville Kitchen Granite Countertops

    Home builders and re-modelers have noted a real upward trend in the demand for granite counter tops for both kitchens and bathrooms. The warmth and beauty of natural granite makes it the perfect material for elegant homes. Granite is also durable easy to care for.

    Jacksonville Kitchen Granite CountertopsEven though adding granite counter tops to your kitchen may be fairly costly, they still remain the first choice for upscale homes. Why? Because not only are they beautiful, they also generally hold their value better than almost any other improvement you can make to your home.

    Like marble and other stones, granite comes from the earth itself. For centuries it was the preferred material in the construction of both religious temples and public buildings in a myriad of ancient societies. Even today, many architects call for granite to be used in pillars and for exterior finishes in courthouses, government buildings, and other public structures.

    Granite is an excellent material for counter tops because it is among the most durable of stones. In fact, the hardness of granite is rivaled only by diamonds! Not only is it beautiful, it is also very versatile. It is this versatility that makes it a favorite of professional chefs around the world!

    Granite can stand up to a hot pan placed on its surface, while also providing a wonderful surface for rolling out dough, baking and candy making. The natural beauty of granite complements any style of cabinetry — from sleek modern to French country. Yes, the warmth and style of granite enhances any room.

    A popular choice of interior designers for many years, granite counter tops are also in great demand by the general public. Granite comes in literately hundreds of colors — you can go from variations of white all the way to reds, greens, blues, browns and black.

    Brown tones are currently the most popular. Perhaps this is because they work well with any color scheme, thus providing more flexibility for the future. Many granite finishes exhibit a sense of movement in their pattern and natural color. This sense of movement, especially in large patterns, may carry your eye very quickly over the surface. Smaller granite patterns appear less dramatic and more conservative. It is this combination of movement and color that ensures no two granite counter tops are exactly the same.

    While granite counter tops are a favorite because of their beauty and durability, it is possible to damage them. That is why granite requires regular care. This care includes proper cleaning and sealing which keeps it free of stains. And while granite granite is quite hard, it can be chipped rather easily. The good news, however, is skilled professionals can repair chips so well they are practically invisible.

    Granite counter tops cost more than other materials. The majority of this cost, however, is not for the actual stone, but for the labor involved. This includes the cutting, polishing, transporting installation. Remember, installing granite counter tops requires expert craftsmen, it is not a job for the do-it-yourself homeowner!

    Granite slabs must be cut to precisely fit your counters and are extremely delicate while being transported. Also, special attention must be given to reinforcing cabinet bases and the granite counter top must be set so that it is perfectly level. When not properly installed, your new granite counter may end up breaking during regular use.

    There is no doubt that granite counter tops will remain a favorite of homeowners, interior designers and architects for years to come. The durability and ageless beauty of granite makes it a treasure that will last a lifetime.