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    Fundamentals Of Concrete Countertops

    Concrete Countertops in Jacksonville, FL

    If concrete countertops have won you over, and you have decided to include them in your home design, congratulations! Concrete offers numerous benefits when compared to granite, and you are sure to be pleased with your choice. While granite certainly has its appeal, concrete has fast become incredibly popular. The following information will help explain why concrete is a better choice than granite in a number of contexts.

    Concrete Countertops in Jacksonville, FLFor most people, any mention of concrete will bring to mind visions of sidewalks or perhaps their own driveway. In fact, that was my initial thought when someone raised the subject of a concrete countertop. My mind’s eye went immediately to a surface that was grey, cold and a bit dreary. I could not have been more wrong. The fact is that concrete offers numerous style and design options that granite simply cannot match. Colorants in any color you desire can be added to a concrete mix, making these countertops highly customizable.

    It is also important to note that concrete countertops are fabricated by using forms which can be custom-designed to suit any shape or size you desire. You may wish to have a built-in dish drainer or perhaps a soap holder incorporated into your design. The choice really is yours. Some people like to make their concrete counters unique by adding indentations or exposed stones. The only limitation is your ability to dream up new ideas. The flexibility and customization options offered by concrete counters really is one of my favorite things about them.

    Environmentally conscious individuals will be happy to learn that concrete is eco-friendly. This is the case because it is made entirely of materials sourced from the earth. Rocks, sand and cement comprise these countertops, all elements easily found almost anywhere. This stands in contrast to granite, which typically needs to be shipped from far-away locations to distributors near your home. The end result of that process is excessive pollution which could be avoided simply by taking advantage of natural materials closer to home.

    When stacked up against laminate or stone surfaces, concrete tends to always come out ahead. Customers can custom-design their counters to be exactly what they want. No two designs need to be the same, something which cannot be said of factory-produced laminates. In addition, it is surprisingly easy to create a one-of-a-kind style that none of your neighbors will have. Your countertops will be perfectly crafted to suit your taste and the room in which they will be placed. The color and finish choices are endless, and you will undoubtedly find your perfect blend.

    Everyone considering a new countertop surface will be interested in the durability of the options they are weighing. Concrete is virtually unrivaled in its strength and rigidity and is extraordinarily resistant to heat damage and scratches. You can place hot pans on your concrete countertops without hesitation, making them extremely convenient for busy cooks.

    It is important to have your concrete counters properly sealed and finished to ensure that it can stand up to staining and water at all times. Routine waxing is recommended as a means to protect your sealant. You should avoid cutting directly on the surface of these countertops, as you are almost certain to dull your knives on the impressively solid concrete.While minor cracking may develop over extended periods of time and use, this should not deter creative homeowners from considering concrete for their countertops.

    Competitive pricing is another aspect of concrete countertops so many are finding increasingly appealing. This, combined with all of the aforementioned benefits of concrete has given this surface an incredible boost in popularity that shows no signs of slowing.